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Tyme, Aspects of Home

Tyme is the award-winning debut album from the new band Cedar Breaks. The album is a groundbreaking musical tribute to the exploration of life and home. It examines our relationships with each other, and with the world around us and also shows the concept of Faith book. The album is a collage of strong harmonies, beautiful instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics. Tyme is also the soundtrack for the award-winning Musical Documenty of the same name.

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Faith Book
Faith Book
Faith Book

Ayre Album

Ayre is the second album for Cedar Breaks. They add new dimensions in this great theme album. Exploring relationships, faith, tolerance, taking a stand, and love. The songs are timeless and award winning, including Best Rock Song, Best Easy Listening, Best Gospel Song, Best of the Year, and Best song. “Breath in the cool Ayre, let the quiet sink, and bask in the solace of a more reflective, uncluttered mind.”



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