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Upon Destiny’s Song Novel

Faith, sacrifice and love come together in Upon Destiny’s Song as it brings to life the remarkably true story of one Danish family’s hardships as they crossed the unruly Midwest in 1856 to reach an American Zion. It’s all about Mormon Heritage. The story also examines how their sacrifices changed the lives of their present-day descendants who sought out their story, illustrating the profound effect that everyday choices have on future generations “I felt the spirit of the message. [Ericksen and Steadman] have done a great job. I was intrigued and anxious to move through each chapter.” –Barbara

The purchase of the hard copy comes with a cd containing songs from Upon Destiny’s Song.


“I loved this book. I felt so much concern and developed an attachment to ancestors that are not even my own.. I wanted to hurry and finish the book to see what happened to everyone, but at the same time I didn’t want to finish the book because I enjoyed following the family. I love to read about Mormon Heritage area.  I have not found another “pioneer” book that I have enjoyed so much. So much fun to have a CD of music included.”


“This would be a “quick read”, if not for the intensity of it. I admit, I had to put the book down and wait for a moment when I could be alone with my thoughts and emotions that welled up and poured out as I openly wept. This book makes me want to do more than search my genealogy, it makes me want to know my ancestors stories and about Mormon Heritage. I loved how the past was tied to the present reminding us of the importance our choices have on the future! Well done!”


Mormon Heritage

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