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Upon Destiny's Song Novel

Faith, sacrifice and love come together in Upon Destiny’s Song as it brings to life the remarkably true story of one Danish family’s hardships as they crossed the unruly Midwest in 1856 to reach an American Zion. The story also examines how their sacrifices changed the lives of their present-day descendants who sought out their story, illustrating the profound effect that everyday choices have on future generations.

“I felt the spirit of the message. [Ericksen and Steadman] have done a great job. I was intrigued and anxious to move through each chapter.” –Barbara

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[Upon Destiny’s Song is] a concurrent journey [that] took Ericksen to the very core of his own spiritual being where he tested the rigors of his ancestors’ lives against the challenges and blessings of his own modern sojourn…

Twila Van Leer, Journalist

…This is truly a book that is hard to put down. …Well-written. Sobering…Inspiring. Having walked these trails by myself, and with a film crew…I have a visual appreciation for what [has been] committed to words.

Lee Groberg, Groberg Films